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Code of the Defenders
Members of the Defenders shall maintain the following codes:

1. Civility. You shall carry yourself with dignity and not resort to trash talking or great amounts of coarse language in public. Without dignity, we have no honor.

2. Family. You shall defend fellow members of the Defenders with your life. If you see a fellow member in combat, you join them and help destroy their enemy without question. Without strength in family, we have no hope.

3. Honesty. When speaking to the family, you shall never lie or bend the truth. We must be honest and open with each other when speaking in our sanctuary. Publically you shall not lie either, but you may refuse to discuss certain subjects. If we cannot be true to one and another in private, we shall have no ability to stand as one in this world.

4. Righteousness. Do Good. Be kind. In your own way as circumstance allows. Help people who are down on their luck, help your bretheren grow stronger, fight the denizens of Darkness. Each of us, in our own way, must create a positive impact upon our world no matter how small. If we create no impact, we may as well not exist.

These are the codes we shall follow. They are not great in number, but they are elegant in their simplicity.

- Penned by Grimwell of Darktide in October of the year 2000.

Built upon the strengths of noble character and close teamwork, the Defenders are an Honor bound guild that seeks to do good in the world and combat evil.

From our humble beginnings on Darktide, we have grown to a multi-gaming community, supporting branches in Dark Age of Camelot, Shadowbane, Eve, Lineage 2, World of Warcraft, and having members experimenting with virtually every new multiplayer game to hit the market.

We are not, however, a powergaming guild.

We are a community of mature, family-oriented players who enjoy PvP and civilization. In too many PvP games, you either join a guild with rude, inconsiderate bullies, or you die. The Defenders of Order aim to break that cycle. Here, you will find only mature, civil players (view the Code of the Defenders, on the left), dedicated to making a difference in the fight for control of PvP games.

If you are such a person, then our mission has had one more success this day. Welcome home.

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Application to Join The Defenders of Order
(or just register as a visitor)
Posted Forum nickname:
Secret Forum username:

Which game are you applying from?

Give a brief history of your gaming experience. (This is just so we can get to know you; attitude is the only factor in accepting you to the Defenders.)

Tell us a little about yourself (who you are, what you do).

What are your characters' names, levels, specialties, etc.

Why do you want to join The Defenders of Order?

What other guilds have you been in? What were they like?

If I asked your former guild and guild mates about you, what would they say?

Why did you leave / are you leaving the last guild you were in?

What are your strong and weak points? (Remember, the Defender Code tells us to be honest.)

Have you used Teamspeak before? Any other voice comm software (Gamevoice, Roger Wilco)?

Is there anything else on your mind? (People you have met, how you heard about DoO)

A Brief History
In December of 1999, two adventurers named Owyn and Arkat, from the world of Harvestgain in Asheron's Call, decided the time had come for them to take the step into Darktide, the PvP server for AC. They carefully researched the world they planned to enter, and chose the town of Tufa as their first home. Eventually, they planned to move north to a zone they had been informed was relatively safe by some friends.

Quickly these sword-brothers learned that the world they had entered was dark, filled with evil men who would kill randomly for pleasure. Always they swore to stand against this darkness. And then Owyn conceived a plan. It would not be enough for the two of them to move to the north and go to a defended place - no, they would have to bring others with them. Thus the Exodus was organized. Dozens of people wrote to Owyn, asking to be taken along on his trek.

Then, shortly before the Exodus itself was to take place, disaster struck. The lands to the north were laid siege to, the battles many and fierce. Owyn knew his tiny and weak band was no match for the forces of darkness intent of conquest of the northern towns.

After long deliberation, Owyn and Arkat decided that the Exodus would simply settle elsewhere. And, since they had grown attached to their home, and kept it clear of raiders for the most part, they selected Tufa as the new homeland for the Exodus. Then the Exodus was no more, and the Defenders of Order were born - men and women sworn to uphold what was good and right in a land consumed by darkness.

The town became the stuff of Darktide legend, and many a tale has been told of the light that sprung from it in those days. Joined there by the Order of Aegis Crusaders, the Defenders held the town against raid after raid. High levels attacked, and still they held.

Tufa held a very log time, but all things end; in time the "Jewel of the Desert" was shattered. The Defenders were scattered, many recruited by the selfsame House of Chaos which had broken the back of the Tufan people. Owyn and Richard D'Acura remained in Tufa months afterward, making bitter war on the army which had occupied his home, seeking to make certain they reaped a sour harvest from their victory.

Then the House of Chaos too broke apart, and Owyn was left with an empty town - that was abruptly shattered by the Shadow Wars, the town completely destroyed. At this, he left.

The remaining Defenders, in the meantime, had met new folk of like mind, and had moved to the Castle of the Bandit King, an ill-named place which was a new home for the forces of good. There Owyn traveled, and was re-united with Arkat and the others at last. They were joined there by Grimwell's family, and the two small groups merged to form a stronger band. Owyn stepped down from leadership at this time, and the rank of Commander was passed to first Grimwell, then on to Arkat.

One day, one of the Defender mages found a way to open gates between worlds, and believed he had found a way to open the path back to their home in Ispar. Arkat volunteered to take the chance - he passed his worldly goods on to others, as he could not carry them into the portal. At the last moment, he took with him the sword Owyn had given him when they pledged as sword-brothers. It was this sword, most likely, that caused him to be lost.

Arkat never arrived at Ispar. Desperately, the Defenders tried to find him. He was still alive - Owyn knew it was so. Finally, they believed they had found him. Owyn and his friend Avira stepped through the portal... Into the unknown, to search for Arkat.

They did find him, in a new world, waiting for new legends of the Defenders of Order. And here the guild has moved - to the lands of the Dark Age of Camelot. Here the Defenders battled new foes, and carved a new name for themselves. In the lands of Albion, on Galahad, they fought to preserve the realm Arthur had won before his death. This was a time of rebuilding for the Defenders, and many new and valiant warriors rallied to their banner. In truth, this was as strong a time as any the in the history of the band.

Finally, the constant battles over the same lands began to pale. But there were other lands that needed the Defenders - and so they voyaged on to the place called Mordred. A tiny band was all that first came, but they once again proved their worth against foes with ten times their number. Overcoming the odds had become a Defender trademark, and the weeks in Mordred's Beta was no different. There they reunited with old allies from Dereth like PRX, and met new friends like the Combine as well.

The stage was set - the true battles are about to begin, and a new set of sagas are waiting to be lived!

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